Topmost Ship

Billy and Topper Chart a Course Aboard the Acadia

Durn It!

Topper Gives Jerry A Tour of Dundurn Castle

The Sinking of the Algoma

Jerry Muskrat takes a dive into Lake Superior

In partnership with: Thunder Bay Museum

Jerry Muskrat is on his raft with Snappy, pretending to be the Captain of a ship in a storm. He spots a message in a bottle. It's from Captain Nemo, inviting Jerry to the bottom of Lake Superior to learn about about the sinking of the Algoma. Nemo recounts the tale of how the pride of the CPR fleet hit a sudden storm on Nov 7th, 1885, and sank near the shores of Port Arthur, now called Thunder Bay. With the help of Dr. N and Fulgur aboard the Nautilus, Jerry also learns about the concept of buoyancy, or the "Archimedes Principle". Nemo then sends him off to find a missing gear in Thunder Bay, under the watchful eye of the "Sleeping Giant".

Special note: we created this video with Thunder Bay Museum, as part of a touring exhibit about the Canadian shipwrecks of Lake Superior, including the SS Algoma.

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